This is tune 1 from “The Golden Field” project brought to you by the mind of The Naked Composer, produced by Magozedawg, mixed with Ross Murray at Happyrock Studios, mastered at Conduction Mastering, Ariane Boudreau additional vocals.

nc_we_are_born_v3-1440The song ‘We r Born’ came from the line “why do we wait for the magic”. This is based around the idea that many people seem to be sitting around waiting for amazing things to happen rather than making the effort to create for themselves the opportunity for magic and stuff to manifest. This thinking evolved into a thought process where I realized that you have to be open and committed to chasing through the metaphorical darkness of the mind and bringing love into your life, despite how disastrous it can be to your spirit. Without that desire to chase and crash, manifesting magic will most likely be a quite rare experience in your life.


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