There’s a moon across the harbor
My hands are reaching out to hold… the light for you
A vision free for wonder,
Our shadows fall and drop to shimmer…

Moonlight across the rocky shore
the waves collide and crack the core
light the trails our faded days and
fill the sails to blow away…  we return

I could lose myself in this light tonight


My river is a twisted land of
broken dreams and blowing sand,
my forest hard to reach but there’s a
clearing that I keep for open hands

The more we seek the more we find
it’s easier to hide behind,
but with silver stars and dragonflies,
we would kiss the sky if we made the time,

Your breeze from the north send shivers
Your dark sky is hard to read,
and I’m wandering the streets tonight,
sunrise can take it’s sweet time…

there’s a moon across the harbor,
it’s a vision free for wonder…
Whispers on the wind,
it’s moonlight on the skin,

my hands are reaching out again.