This site is not necessarily a narcissistic tribute to the self but is actually intended to be an attempt by me to share a little bit of my world with the big world out there.

I tend to hide out a bit.

It first came from conversations with some old friends who had no idea that I had recorded any music over all these years and were simply interested in what I had been doing. Closely followed were other folks but this batch were mildly pissed and fairly demonstrative about their feelings with arms flailing, etc…

So here we are. I am a lot of things but here’s a quick breakdown in case you are interested.

I will drop everything for my family. Music, songs and poetry for me come from living life, not the ‘art for art’s sake’ approach.

I have a thing for photography, write poetry as well as classical music (mostly guitar) some of which is apparently performed around the world. I have a thing for coming up with ridiculous musical concepts and trying to make them work by recording many parts and eventually making the pilgrimage to the mixing wizard to try and put it all together somehow.

The Naked Composer - childhood

I collaborate on projects and want to do a lot more of that. I have been a teacher for over 30 years from beginners to adults and everything in between, as well as a stint teaching music performance in university.

Always a student of life, I am a gardener, and I spend a lot of time empowering youth to get involved in music.

I stopped reading books because I need new glasses (update: I now have glasses and recently read a book), did all my drinking in the earlier years, gave up coffee… I have seen the Buddha and I am pretty sure that he was looking for something very specific.

I have made many stupid mistakes of mostly selfish nature but generally attempted to make amends on all fronts. I have done the best that I could with what I was given and I try not to think too much about all the things that I haven’t done, or places I haven’t been! I try to love the best I can, although I’m not certain that I’m very good at it. The whole thing has been strangely wonderful and bizarre all at the same time.

I think of myself as a very lucky person and have lived a fat, juicy and messy life.