All works are original and not framed unless noted and prices DO NOT include shipping. If you find yourself interested in learning more about these pieces and/or would like to purchase, please email me and we can work out a way to make it happen. Sometimes I get busy and/or distracted and don’t list all available paintings here so let me know if there is something on the main page or somewhere on social media that ought to be added 🙂 The pricing for oil and acrylic is consistent so if the missing piece was an 11X14, the price will likely be the same as ones listed here. There will be a few exceptions but not many. Watercolors and inks are a similar but different pricing scheme 🙂

Whichever the case, send me an email to and we can work out the shipping cost if any and details, etc… If you are in the Ottawa and surrounding area, I should be able to drop it off within a week or so and save the whole sordid shipping business.